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Hello. Brand new here. I have an older model, heavy duty "American Table" by Leisure Sports Systems Inc.

It has a few cosmetic blemishes on the outside body that can be remedied pretty easily (scuffs / scratches), and the playing surface and men are in great condition.  I have never seen a table, or guys, quite like these.

While I have the table for 30 years, I simply don't have room now...but was curious what its value might be. Do any of you have an idea? Any idea where / how I might best find out?


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"Leisure Sports Systems. Inc. first production table was dubbed the ''American Table,'' a name that is still synonymous with the company's products today. Wasserman fondly recalls first taking the American Table prototype around to several Dallas operators, proudly showing off the new table in the back of a van. From such early efforts. the company generated its first sales and, after proving itself in the field. the American Table ''quickly gained a reputation for durability. low maintenance and improved playing characteristics," Wasserman said."

Probably has little value for modern players so the target market would be a collector. No idea if any of those exist for this table.

I had an American table that I bought in 1976 in Houston as a teenager.  It had red formica on the outside, a really thick table glass with a mild texture that helped hold balls on the toe.  Men were translucent blue and red.  It has wooden octagon shaped handles....the table was built like a tank and weighed a ton!!!!  Had the original quarter slot and had been used in a pool hall probably...had the scuffs of commercial use. 

It was a blast to play.  The rods were heavy...once you became quick on that, a Dynamo or Tornado felt like a lightweight pull/push.

Anyway not sure it is worth a lot, but perhaps to the right person.  I donated mine to the Ronald McDonald House in Houston for the kids to use before moving away from Houston in 2001.  Darn near killed my friend and I carrying it from the truck to the rec room in the house and were both over 6'2" large guys.  Loved that table.

Hard to ship those things...local buyer interest is always a crap shoot.  Got any pictures of it? 

I know this is a long time after the post has been put up but I just saw it.  I have an old table that was bought by my father-in-law in 1970ish.  I have been using it now for 15 years and I just need to do some things to it.  Any ideas on where I can get parts?  I'm looking for the banked corners, bushing/ bearings.  There is a guy broken but I don't think Ill ever find the guys anywhere.  Here is a pic

Ngabriel...that brings back memories!  That is very similar to the table I had...not sure you are going to find parts at this point.  Keep trying on Craigslist or Ebay....but it is a super long shot.  That company went out of business a long time ago.  Even it its heyday, there weren't many.  In Texas and southwest, there were a LOT more Dynamo commercial tables.  In the late 70's I can;t recall seeing another like min--or yours.  So it is 40+ years late.

Good luck...looks very playable in its condition...they all have some problems when they get all of us.