Repost from 2015- Wanted; Mirco Champion Foosball table.

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Repost from 2015- Wanted; Mirco Champion Foosball table.
« on: August 17, 2022, 04:46:43 AM »
(This is a reposting from 2015. I never have found the mirco table I have been wanting for so long, so I figured I'd try again.)

I have been wanting to buy a nice Champion Foosball table in decent shape, preferably one with all of the men in tact (Red & yellow men with hats and bow ties) and with no major damage to the table itself. (The glass play field intact especially!) I am from the Detroit metro area, so obviously the closer the better, right? But I will possibly travel or arrange for a pick up if I can make a deal with someone who wants to sell one of these tables. I originally started playing on one of these tables as a teen and even though I have a really nice table now, I really would like to have at least one of these tables for my rec room. If you have one that is collecting dust and not being played, please consider selling it to me. It will be used and enjoyed thoroughly. I will post a message on this thread if I do find something, but if you read this message and you don't see a message from me that I have found one, feel free to contact me even if this thread gets a bit old. I may even buy more than one of these tables if others become available for sale. Also if anyone has a unit that is needing parts or repair or may even have parts like any of the men or whatever that you aren't using, please contact me. I may end up having to piece one of these units together before I can find one all together in good shape. Lastly if anyone knows of a Mirco table anywhere, if you can let the owner know that someone is interested in it. I will greatly appreciate it. Hope to hear from someone. Contact me through this site and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks.

Re: Repost from 2015- Wanted; Mirco Champion Foosball table.
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2022, 07:01:14 PM »
Hi. I just saw your post and I have a Mirco, Inc. Grand Championship Arcade Table made in Phoenix, Arizona. Model no. 1109-900 and serial number 76 0350. It has the textured glass surface and all the little red and yellow men with checkered bow ties, derby hats and square toes. Single goalie. Wood handles. Banked corners. Black bumper score markers. Two cup holders on each end, but no cups. Table weighs 260 pounds. Was bought from an arcade in the mid 70s and has been in my home ever since. Only thing that is not working is the coin slot. We have the pieces but it needs a little work. One small section of the wood laminate has been damaged, but otherwise, the table is in great condition. Plays fast. All the men are intact. I have lots of pictures. Also, lots of the original, heavier balls. They do need some cleaning. Glass is in perfect condition. Let me know if you have any questions. I live in the Chicago area. You would need to come pick it up. Asking $1500. Please message me with any questions and for pictures.