Considering some mild table protection mods vs. value

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Considering some mild table protection mods vs. value
« on: August 19, 2022, 04:16:25 AM »
I  have a brown marble coin-op and want to beef up outside corners. The added end only bumpers look ugly n not really gonna address problem. I have already had to remove top laminate and reglued. Noticed one corner on lower half starting to separate. I want to keep this from turning into a table repair shop. I'm thinking either inch n quarter stainless angle on outside corners 20gauge polished, or polished aluminum only aluminum will have to be probly 1/8". I wud appreciate any feedback or options from owners who have high usage tables and solved glue drying up over time. Its the lil ones and figity ones that cant keep fingers from messing with it. Is protecting inside MDF with paint going to hurt or help resale value. any liquid spillage wont help value, but quality paint cud keep that damage to minimum. Surely somebody else has done this, I was thinking flat black or a clear satin poly? yahs or nays wud be helpful ? Any other mods that won't affect game play? Anybody make a dust cover, i have just used a heavy fleece blanket. now wanting like wood top for better gravity protection from above or even possibly alternative game use, eg. poker, board games, drawing board, any ideas , I'm cabinet builder considering options for other private table owners game room without extra space, pooltable top already ruled out, slate just to heavy and surface to high above floor

Re: Considering some mild table protection mods vs. value
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2022, 06:27:43 PM »
With a brown marble, I wouldn't worry too much about resale value. If you spruce it up a bit it might even help the value.
By the sounds of it, it's not in mint condition so I'd say do your best to make it look more modern or fit your room style. The angle brackets will def help protect your corners. I do not put tops on my tables but if I were to, I'd probably go with a hard top for the functionality but have it a couple pieces so you can store it under the table when the top is off.