Help Identifying Table

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Help Identifying Table
« on: April 18, 2023, 12:10:31 AM »
Hello all.  I recently purchased a used Tornado Coin-Op which Iíve been restoring for my sonís college apartment.

I canít identify which model it is.  It is a black/charcoal grey split cabinet.  It has the ďTĒ logo in the center in red with the blue ďTornado Table SoccerĒ written underneath.  I bought it used and it has been sitting in someoneís basement for 10 years or more.  The seller told me they bought it used but never put it together.  They really knew nothing about it.  Inside the cabinet were a few old arcade tokens.  Its internal components look basically the same as my T-3000.  It was missing some parts, like a Ready Ramp, but I was able to cut some boards to make a replacement.

I have looked at the history all the Tornado coin-ops I could find on-line and I canít find a picture that matches exactly.  It is not a grey marble - the color is more solid black/charcoal grey.

I have tried posting photos here to identify it but Iím having trouble.

Printed inside the cabinet is the number 892190.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated!
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Re: Help Identifying Table
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Re: Help Identifying Table
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The black/charcoal grey split cabinet with the red "T" logo and blue "Tornado Table Soccer" underneath doesn't match any of the standard models I've seen online. It's possible that it could be a custom or limited edition version, especially if it has been sitting in someone's basement for over 10 years and the seller didn't have much information about it.
Also, if you're having trouble posting photos online for identification, you could try reaching out to a dedicated foosball community or forum where fellow enthusiasts might be able to help you out. They might be able to provide more insights or identify your specific table based on the details you've provided.
I hope your son enjoys the Tornado Coin-Op table!

Thank you!

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Re: Help Identifying Table
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I have some info on Tornado table identification, but it's mainly for the newer ones: