Dumb question, but how do you actually go about purchasing a Tornado table?

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Asked and answered. Leaving the original post (with strike) in case someone else has a similar situation.

It seems straight forward, but hear me out. I went to the valley dynamo site and used the "Locate Dealer". The closest dealer to me is actually now permanently closed. The next closest is about 3 hours away but they won't deliver to me and I don't have the option of going to pick it up. There is a "sales inquiry" form you can complete on the V-D website so I'm wondering if maybe I can purchase directly from them? I do have another dealer in my city but they deal exclusively for Bonzini and Olhausen. I stopped by today and asked about Tornado and they don't have the ability to order those.

I did see that you can purchase these from Amazon, however I'd prefer for that to be my last option. I'd much rather buy from a dealer, and put some commission in someones pocket, if possible but I didn't expect it to be so challenging.