Some of these fine charts are thanks to the wonderful people in Hawaii, foosball heaven, thanks Rob!!!
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Downloads:   8 team chart   16 team chart   32 team chart   Signup Sheet
Jims Special Charts Downloads:   Registration    Jim-8 chart    Jim-16 chart
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These charts are wonderful, they use adobe acrobat so you may need to down load adobe, see below.

Bigger?  Laminated?  Custom?  Cool...
So, the standard paper chart just will not do?  Or you need a pad of them?  We got you covered.  You tell us what you need and we can and will get it.  You're not sure what you need?  Send the promote staff an email

Do you need big charts for a larger event?  Say a 64 team event or even a 128?  Do you need laminated charts so you can use them again and again?  Send us an email and we can get that.