By Foosball Fanatic


Foosball Fanatic can be reprinted, faxed, email, spit-on and laminated without permission from the author. To add to the excitement I perform all death defying feats without the use of a spell or grammar checker (this becomes more apparent as you read on)

The Fanatic is back on his Mac after an exciting Atlanta tournament. The tournament was very well run and was wall-to-wall foosers with no open tables except at 9am. The Fanatic has a few invented games for you to try with some buds if you're bored on want to bet some money. There a four unique game to follow and they'll be listed from OK to super gnarly.


This is a great game to play if you are playing friends or inexperienced opponents. The rules are you can only use your left hand...but your oppnent can play normally. It's a little tough in the beginning until you figure out how to score but after that you'll be a Master and may even need to give Gus a few point spots as well. I must say that the Fanatic has developed a pretty good reversed snake from the left hand position ;). This game will make you a faster and smarter player. You can also play right handed ball too.


Alternate with an opponent, trying to hit Dead Man...Give yourself 1 point if you make until someone hits 10.


Shoot at the goal seeking to hit the ball hard enough that it goes in the goal then pops out. If you achieve an in-n-out, then you get to shoot again (don't alternate). One point for each first to 10 points.


Have you ever looked at a foosball table and said "Hey, why am I always playing left to right"? Well, why not remove all your rods and put them back in so the table is reversed and you then play right to left. Do you get my drift? I mean have it so the forward stands on the left and aims left and the goalie is on the right and the handles are correct for a totally reversed game. It might make a great charity event at a big tournament.

5. LONGEST DRIVE <- The Fanatic's Personal Fav

Ever wonder who really has the fastest or hardest shot? Well here's a way to determine who is the foos monster for once and for all. OK, since we don't have a speed or power tester, then we need another way to cheaply test. Test for distance my friend. Farthest Distance = Hardest/Fastest Shot. The Fanatic says find an old BeeGees record album and place it over the goal touching the play surface at an angle. It will act as a ramp. Now you can wail away. The persons ball who hits farthest way from the table has the hardest shot. Count where the ball first hits as opposed to where it rolls to for greater accuracy. THIS SHOULD BE AN EVENT AT THE MAJORS! If your room is to small then you can still play but mark where the ball hits your wall. The highest hit on the wall equals the hardest shot. Perhaps some physics majoring foos player can back the Fanatic up on these gravitational principals. Email me your longest drives and perhaps we can get a little competition going on the net. Later A.D.