By Foosball Fanatic


Foosball Fanatic can be reprinted, faxed, email, spit-on and laminated without permission from the author. To add to the excitement I perform all death defying feats without the use of a spell or grammar checker (this becomes more apparent as you read on)

Remember peeing your panties when you saw that butch little chick in "The Long Shot" fire that game winning airial trick shot. The shot is next to imposible on a Tornado. The Fanatic heard it was remarkably easier to perform on the old blue-top and green top million dollar tables. Today you're in luck because the Fanatic is going to teach you a new shot so pay attention. The flyer is more mechanical than it's predecessor but it also takes a little practice and some touch. There will be jpegs to help with the execution of the newest shot since the snake.


Standing at the goalie position, push your left hand out until the bumper hits the far wall, tilt the men on this rod forward. Back-Pin the ball with the far man on the 2-Rod. Walk the ball to the point where it is directly in front of the middle man of the goalie rod (remember to keep the goalie rod pushed against the far wall). This shot can actually be attempted anywhere in the back but it seems to work best in the position mentioned above. See JPEG1 to check your alignment.


Now we attempt a psuedo reverse snake. With your right hand, push down on the rod spinning the 2-bar in a clockwise direction, 360 degrees. The man shot spin around and send the ball flying backwards into the middle man on the goalie rod(which is pointed or forked forward). This should be done with fast to very fast motion. The harder the better to learn the technique.


If you perform the instrctions above, the ball may bounce an inch or too or it may bounce to the left or back and off the table. The real skill now is you must flick your left hand just as the ball smashes into it. The flick is hard and fast and short. You might only move the man 1/4". This is what takes the practice. It will take a few days to get the feel to send the ball down the table. You will be able to aim the shot as you get more experience.


  • It can't be blocked by the forward
  • It is unexpected
  • It is difficult to block as a goalie
  • It just looks cool
  • It's difficult to do consistantly
  • Ref's have been known to call the Fanatic for shooting the ball off the table, even though it was an accident of course ;)
  • It gets bad bounces. The ball is spinning counter-clockwise in the air so when it lands, it comes backwards, rather then forwards.
  • It is hard to aim on goal

In time, you'll be able to shot the Flyer 50%-70% of the time. The Fanatic has only scored with it 3 times and never in a tournament, but it's still fun.

If you like, hate, enjoy or dispise the Fanatic, then email me man