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Question 3 - Spin and Spinning...
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1. I've read through the rule book on spinning the rods and for the most part, I understand it fairly well. One thing I can't find in there though is something I could have swore someone told me a while back. Is it considered a spin if you let go of the rod while shooting even if the rod doesn't go more than 360 deg before and after striking the ball? (no)

2. Hello I was just wondering about a call that was made at a local DYP. If the forward spins the rod and does not advance the ball then he keeps the possession. (true) If the forward spins and the ball leaves his area then it is a loss of possession, (true) my question is, is advancing mean which ever way the ball goes, ie: Not towards the goal but toward the forward's goal? This may be defined in the rule book, and I will check, but I wasn't sure.
THanks, Stayce

3. We have a foosball table at work and play it all the time during breaks. (Keep it up) We all try and practice different shots with our hands in contact with the handles at all times using our wrists to make the shot, some run their hands from the finger tips to the palm but are always in contact with the handles, but one of the guys always runs his hands down or up the handles (depends on which rod his hand is on) then lets go of the handle when the shot is taken, and then grabs it again after the shot is made, this shot just goes anywhere and just has a pinball affect with the ball, it also has a tendency to break the men. (That will happen, make him pay) This is starting to get on everyones nerves because we try and make planned shots and his goals are nothing but flukes. (Learn better defense) He thinks these shots are just awesome but to the rest of us its annoying and almost impossible to defend. (BS, any tournament player would block the heck out of him, it's all in learning better techniques) He starts his man from the front of the ball or 180 degress to it, but (usually) catches the handles again before you could consider it going 360 degress after hitting the ball. (Therefore the shot is legal) Is this type of shot legal or not, or is it considered a spin. One other question...(Continued on question 2-4) Thanks for your time
Lance G.

4. Regarding spinning rules: We understand that you can not sit there and spin the guy till your wrist is tired, but can you hit the ball and let him follow through and possible hit the ball again? (I would have to say NO, you can not spin the rod. If the man goes around 360 before or after touching the ball it is a spin)


If the rod goes around more then 360 degrees either BEFORE or AFTER contacting the ball. Also the ball must move away from the rod it is on, either direction forward or backwards. If you spin the rod and "whiff" and the ball stays, that would not count as a spin. So if you spin the rod, then hit the ball, it would not be a legal goal. It does not matter if you let go of the handle, only the 360 degrees. So if you let go, and it does not go 360, it is fine!

-stacey, staff and certified official


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