Cinco de Mayo (Bonzini) Results

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Cinco de Mayo (Bonzini) Results
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2007 Cinco de Mayo Foosball Suarez and Fiesta
Over $1280.00 in Cash Prizes Awarded
Fat Daddy’s, Raleigh, NC 
Registered Players: 44
States represented: VA, SC, and NC

   OPEN DOUBLES (Diablo Doubles)
1st       Bryan Jones (NC) & Mike Giles (NC)
2nd    Fuji Alberts (VA) & Sam Crockett (VA)
3rd    Mack Smith (NC) & Jim Parris (NC)
4th    Alan Cribbs (NC) & Kenny Kniceley (VA)

   OPEN SINGLES (Desperado Singles)   
1st    Bruce Nardoci (NC)
2nd    Kenny Kniceley (VA)
3rd    Fuji Alberts (VA)
4th    Sam Crockett (VA)   

   3200 LTD DOUBLES (Montezuma’s Doubles)
1st    Bruce Herring (NC) & Bruce Nardoci (NC)
2nd    William West (NC) & Mike West (NC)
3rd    Steven Smith (NC) & Mack Smith (NC)
4th    Bryan Jones (NC) & Joe Teleoglou (NC)

   NOVICE DOUBLES (Gringo Doubles)
1st    Joe Teleoglou (NC) & Mark Beal (NC)
2nd    Carl Dill (NC) & J.R. Cox (NC)
3rd    John Lewis (NC) & Eric Josephson (NC)

   NOVICE SINGLES (Gringo Singles)   
1st    Carl Dill (NC)
2nd    Paul Whetstone (NC)
3rd    Michael Soluri (NC)

   LOCO DYP   
1st    Paul Whetstone (NC) & Bryan Jones (NC)
2nd      Bruce Nardoci (NC) & Bruce Herring (NC)
3rd     J. R. Cox (NC) & Robert Yates Jr. (NC)

Thanks go out to Sony Pictures for the passes to Spiderman 3. The tournament looked great with all the movie posters and promotional items we received. The local Powerkick Team received premier passes to the movie Next 28 Weeks for Tuesday night. Hope all enjoyed the movie. The turnout was great and I appreciate all the help with the Saturday night breakdown. We all got to enjoy the band from 12:00 - 2:00 and had a great time. Corona and Corona Light flowed throughout the night and the tournament room decorations looked great. When we return from France we will push hard on the VA Open promotions for July.
One of our yearly sponsors attended their very first Bonzini U.S.A. Tour event and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the players and watching some top notch play. I appreciate all the players that expressed their thanks to the Squad Car Tour crew and their support. We'll post some pic later.

We were able to generate 2 more table sponsors for the VA Open with donations from Bruce Nardoci and tournament revenues.

We'll see you at:
The 6th Annual Thunder in the Mt. Foosball Spectacular/VA Open
$2000.00 Cash, prizes and Trophies
ITSF Pro Series Event
Proceeds to benefit Hospice of Augusta County
July 13th - 15th
Byers St. Bistro
Staunton, VA
The main attraction for Saturday morning is at