A few questions regarding some trick shots

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A few questions regarding some trick shots
« on: March 11, 2011, 03:04:44 PM »
I was wondering if someone could settle a debate between a friend and I on a couple "trick" type shots.

First, what's a textbook definition of a drive by?  I said it was when you hit the ball twice in succession without stopping it in a forward motion.   The example I gave was a chip pass thru the 5 bar and then WITHOUT stopping the ball hitting it again with your 3 bar in a shot on goal. My friend maintains that you can stop it if only to gain control to shoot it in the same stroke.

Also, I shoot what I think is a "textbook" slingshot.  I start with the ball on the far man (far wall), pass it to the near wall guy and with the near wall guy push it all the way to the far wall, have it bounce off the wall and as SOON as it hits the wall shoot it with the far wall guy.  I know that might sound a little confusing but that's the way I saw Rob Atha do it and how someone explained to me how it SHOULD be done.  Which is different than just hitting the ball off the wall and sometime after it hits the wall trying to hit it towards the goal.  Again, does anyone have the correct definition on this?

A few other terms that I hear but don't know the definition of is a John Wayne, Texas T, root canal, etc...
If anybody could shed some light it would be much appreciated.

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Re: A few questions regarding some trick shots
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2011, 12:29:39 AM »
Well I know two out of three.

John Wayne is when you set up a 3 rod pull shot then act like you are pulling but really lift the men and leave the ball behind. Then hit it with the far man straight into the one hole. It's like a straight but with a whole lot more motion. All it takes is for the d to flinch and it's surprisingly effective.

Texas T is ball in front pin position on one of the 3 rod wing men. Lift off the ball and come down hard on the side of the ball, almost like you are doing a bank shot back to your own goal, except hit it so thin (and the ball is a bit too far forward) that the ball moves laterally to the middle man, maybe back a bit. Then hit it into the goal. It's a quick back and forth motion. But almost no lateral rod motion. Never seen it used consistently as a shot though I'm sure someone was good at it. There is a guy I played in Maryland who has a really effective 5 bar pass based on it though. Wish I remembered his name.   :-\