What about blocking 2-5

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What about blocking 2-5
« on: July 25, 2011, 05:14:34 PM »
What about blocking the 5-bar to 2-bar pass?  Some bbelieve that it's too hard.  What's too hard?  You bait, you switch, you shudder and you spike! 

Seriously, the pass isn't going away and, apparently, it going to become 'popular' - OMG.  But, the snake gets blocked and the 5-bar brush serious gets blocked - and so must this.

This is the forum for discussing defense (click here for 'defence'), so discuss it.  To me, as a defender, it's still about reads, reaction and intelligence. 

There are several ways to enhance your chances of pickin' this pass.  I think you need to be aggressive with your intent - i.e. whatever you plan to do - commit to it.  I think you need to look for tells, a weakness - like passing up.  I think your 5-bar should be ready for loose balls.  I think you should know whether you want to block, spike, or catch the opponents pass.

I thinks it's after 5:00 and I'm no longer getting paid to give foosball advice.