37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships

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37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
« on: August 16, 2011, 09:59:29 AM »
37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
September 30th- October 2nd, 2011
$2,500,00 in Cash Prizes and Trophies
Breaktime Billiards Sports Bar and Grill
127 South College Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403[/b

Tournament Event Sponsors

Warrior Custom Golf
Jeff Gordon Chevrolet
Texas Pete
Blenheim Ginger Ale Company
Red Bull
Pepsi Bottling Company
Southland Amusements
Right Decision Right Now
more to be added

Proceeds to benefit:
The Brigade Boys and Girls Club

Host Hotel:
Hampton Inn
124 Old Eastwood Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403
Please mention the Bonzini Foosball event for players discount

Schedule of Events

Wednesday Sept. 28th
Boys and Girls Club Foosball Playoff
Winners will play Saturday October 1st at Breaktime Billiards

Thursday Sept. 29th
4th Annual Cape Fear Links Challenge
Castle Bay Country Club
Hampstead, NC

Friday September 30th
Kick-off for the 37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
Events will continue through Saturday and Sunday

Alan Cribbs and Pat Ryan with last year's winner
Scenes from 2010:

We're expecting a rather large turnout. Earlier this year I needed to take a short medical break from foosball and I extremely grateful to our player base for keeping things going in my absence with some entertaining and competitve events. We will be pushing hard to make this year's tournament a great one. We will have several new faces attending this event and look forward to extending some Bonzini U.S.A. hospitality for our first time players. As always, we need need as many table sponsors as we can get. The kids at The Brigade Boys and Girls Club have a great foosball area thanks to our past sponsors and players. Earlier this year, at our Spring golf event, we were able to raise some nice funds, and looking forward to what we can tac on after this event.
You can download your sponsor forms at

Why attend?
Well, here are a reasons:

*We are the nations oldest and longest running state foosball championship and you can be part of the history.
*After this event we will exceeded over $150,000.00 in charitable donations given through Bonzini U.S.A. tournament events.
*Bonzini U.S.A. players work together to build and support a game they love to play and help with local community needs.
*It's just plain fun!

2010 Tournament room action.

Drop me a response, if you are a first player attending. We're expecting a field of 70-80 players. Wilmington has a lot of attractions for the non-foosers as well. ATTENTION GOLFERS: Only 22 teams are allowed in the Cape Fear Links Challenge. If you want to play, let me know and I'll shoot you an entry form. Ask anyone who has played and they will tell you they had the time of their lives. Great food, great course and the on course beverage service is second to none.

See you there,


Also join us on Facebook, just search Bonzini U.S.A.

Re: 37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
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Alan,  Can't wait! I'll be bringing my friend/partner Steve Schaefer from here in Chicagoland to introduce him to the pure Bonzini tournament culture. Already have flights & lodging set. OK, I'm going to briefly brag- French style foos had the 1st (2) big tournys (Rene Pierre' tables) in the USA. They were in 71 & 72 in Virginia Beach. I won singles (motorcycle) '71 & singles (car) '72 & my partners & I also won doubles. Players came from France,Canada,New York, Florida & lots of other places. There, got that off my chest- but my back hurts from patting it!
  Been practicing,we'll see how it goes.  As I said to Steve, I only guarantee balls to the wall effort. Such a great venue so look forward to the Beach & seeing some people I met in'09 & hopefully  lots of others. Two kinds of people in the world:  Those I know & those I need to know. OK ,gotta go crack a rack. I'm OLD  & love this game, especially BONZINI.   John Hayes

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Re: 37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
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JOHN!!!  Great to hear you will be in Wilmington!  I look forward to seeing you again.  It will be a fun event, as it always is.  See you in a couple of months.


Re: 37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
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PAT-YES indeed!  So glad you're attending.  Thank you for your efforts & time in advancing Foosball Mr. President. I need to watch you execute brush & stick passes so I can bring those skills home,  along with the sand in my shoes, seafood in my belly,& great memories ofcourse.   jkh

Re: 37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
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Causeway Cafe breakfast 7:00 am Saturday morning?
Up for it?


Re: 37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
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Sounds good- I love that place & it's just about 10 minutes from the tournament/motels & a stones throw from the oceanfront/pier.  I'll be glad to drive if you want to give the BonziniMobile a rest. That long pier is well worth the 15 minute walk to it's end & back. Lots of good size & varieties of fish are reeled in  8) . Looking forward to seeing a room full of Bonzini tables/players. John

Re: 37th Annual NC State Foosball Championships
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Hey Alan, Any information about whether there will be a Virginia State Foosball tournament since the scheduled one was canceled? I live about 5 mins away from where it was held last year and didn't know about it.  I have some friends who would also be interested in this since our cool Plant Manager bought a Bonzini for our break room. Tks