Montreal Bonzini Event

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Montreal Bonzini Event
« on: July 02, 2012, 04:10:55 PM »
There will be a large Bonzini tournament September 14th-16th in Montreal.!/events/247819855327122/

A few players from the Bonzini U.S.A. Foosball Tour will be attending this event. We hope to field enough players to participate in a Can/Am event. This was started a few years back at the NC State Foosball Championships and consist of one Canadian and on American player paired in competiton. It was a great success in building friendships and united support for the Bonzini movement.

If you are plannig to attend this event, please let me know so I can forward a list of potential participants in the Can/Am event.

I have had the privilage to see many of the Canadian Bonziini players over the past 15 years grow into tremedous players and even better people. The bonds we have built over the years have truly enriched my foosball life. They are collectively one of the most talented groups of players and as equally passionate about the Bonzini style of foosball as we are in our region. After many years away, I am extremely excited to attend this event and see my friends from the AQBB and Foosball Quebec.


Some of my Canadian Bonzini friends

I will be staying in Vermont after this event for a day of two. Any Vermont foosball locatioms?