Using Brown Top TS Handles

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Using Brown Top TS Handles
« on: November 10, 2012, 02:34:47 AM »
Hi all...

Back in the 80's, I was a pretty fair player, but the game at that time was TS (specifically, brown top).  Fantastic table for those who liked ball control, power shots, and banks.  The newer tables with the smaller diameter wooden handles remind me of the Dynamo tables of the past, which I find hard to generate the kind of power I could on TS handles (using a "no-tell" palmed-start variation of the "rollover" style shot), so I was wondering, do the rules, or do most house rules prohibit one from modifying a larger diameter, plastic/rubber TS handle from the past, and modifying it such that it can be "slipped" around/onto the current wooden handles used on most (all?) modern game tables?  I know the USTSA Rule 17.2.3 says one cannot "switch" handles, but what I'm proposing is more akin to a "wrap" than physically replacing the handle, and it's not much more different than the various wraps and other mods I've been reading about which are legal. placing an old TS handle over the wooden handle allowed, or otherwise looked down upon? 



Edit:  According to ITSF rule 19.4, one may change handles so long as it doesn't cause a delay of game, nor impede players' abilities to change sides.  I suppose any tourney using ITSF rules wouldn't be bothered by my suggestion above.  Also, USTSA rules throughout seem to be concerned with game play within the playing field.  If USTSA Rule 17.2.3 is consistent with that spirit, I'm of the belief a quickly applied and removed 'cover' is allowed, even if that cover is a modified handle designed to be slipped or wrapped about the existing handle.  Technically it wouldn't be any different than wraps and/or tubes which are legal as the handles in question could be easily and quickly placed onto the existing handles, and quickly removed. 



UPDATE: Ok, this was confusing at first, but I have my answer.  Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears the USTSA is no longer the foosball governing body in the US.  That falls to the USTSF, and the USTSF rules are essentially an adoption of the ITSF rules which are tweaked to fit into the IOC standards (are the powers that be hoping to have foosball considered by the IOC?).  That translates to mean that a player can switch out the handles altogether if said player can do so within the permitted 90 second change of side time limit, and so long as it doesn't impede in a player's ability to switch sides.  Given all I want to do is slip on/off a modified set of Brown Top TS handles over the existing handles, I'd say it's a go. 

Thanks to all those who contributed!   :)
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