NC Open Results

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NC Open Results
« on: April 23, 2013, 10:47:09 AM »
Here's a great slide show from this past weekends event


2013 North Carolina Open Foosball Championships Results
Fat Daddy’s Restaurant, Raleigh, NC
Over $1,970.00 Tournament Payout, Prizes and Trophies awarded
Registered Players 54, States represented (NC, FL, SC and VA)
Novice Doubles
   1st   Danny Stevenson (SC) - Bobby Brown (SC)   
   2nd   Doozy Rowell (SC) - Ryan Winslow (NC)   
   3rd   Donald Parker (NC) - Brett Hewett (NC)   
   4th   Cristina Lovell (NC) - Ricky Bennett (NC)   
Novice Singles
   1st   Doozy Rowell (SC)    
   2nd   Danny Stevenson (SC)    
   3rd   Cristina Lovell (NC)    
   4th   Ricky Bennett (NC)
Draw Your Partner
   1st   Bruce Nardoci (NC) - Tim Yates (NC)   
   2nd   J.R. Cox (NC) - Melanie Yates (NC)   
   3rd   Nelson Nye Jr. (SC) - Tom Heath (NC)   
Mixed Doubles
   1st   Jim Parris (NC) - Doris Little (VA)   
   2nd   Melanie Yates (NC) - Robert Yates Jr. (NC)   
   3rd   Judy Wadford (SC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)   
Open Doubles
   1st   Robert Yates Jr. (NC) - Bobby Yates (NC)   
   2nd   Tim Yates (NC) - Mike Giles (NC)   
   3rd   Carl Dill (NC) - Mark Anderson (NC)   
   4th   Bruce Nardoci (NC) - Alan Cribbs (NC)   
   5th/6th   Donald Parker (NC) - Billy Atkisson (NC)   
   5th/6th   Eric McCraw (NC) - Tom Heath (NC)   
Open Singles
   1st   Bruce Nardoci (NC)    
   2nd   Robert Yates Jr. (NC)    
   3rd   Carl Dill (NC)    
   4th   Tom Heath (NC)    
   5th/6th   Mark Anderson (NC)
   5th/6th   Victor Davis (NC)    
3500 Limited Doubles
   1st   Robert Yates Jr. (NC) - Mark Beal (NC)   
   2nd   Bruce Herring (NC) - Bruce Nardoci (NC)   
   3rd   Butch Williams (NC) - Alan Cribbs (NC)   
   4th   Carl Dill (NC) - Mike Giles (NC)   
      Under 1500 Singles
   1st   Ryan Winslow (NC)    
   2nd   Mark Beal (NC)    
   3rd   Bobby Yates (NC)    
   4th   Mike Giles (NC)    
Women's Doubles
   1st   Cristina Lovell (NC) - Doris Little (VA)   
   2nd   Lori Howell (NC) - Deborah Cox (NC)   
   3rd   Melanie Yates (NC) - Judy Wadford (SC)   
Women's Singles
   1st   Becky Hurst (SC)    
   2nd   Cristina Lovell (NC)    
   3rd   Melanie Yates (NC)

Great event. Still worn out. Thanks go out to all of the Bonzini USA players for working together throughout the tournament to finish at midnight Saturday. We are on pace to break last years contribution to the Brigade Boys and Girls Club. With a strong 39th Anual NC State Foosball Chamionship October4th-6th, we should be able to do it. Man is the SC tournament gonig to be strong. Looking forward to seeing everyone back next month.


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Really enjoyed this one Alan. This one seemed to run very efficiently, very on time. Well done.