Would sincerely appreciate some ideas from the community

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Would sincerely appreciate some ideas from the community
« on: January 01, 2014, 02:17:49 PM »
Phil, you have convinced me without any shadow of a doubt that grass roots development is mandatory for anything or be successful in developing this game. Now obviously there are 1000's of different things that can be done but what I really could use is advise on how to best execute grass roots development under the following guidelines because this is one thing I believe I can pull off this year.

I would like to start a club like structure where any promoter or serious fooser can run draw your partner events once a week for lets say 16 weeks. This can be on the table of there choosing, Tornado, fireball, Warrior, even Archer's favorite.... glass top Harvard with the fold out legs and oblong ball. They can run there tourney's in their local bar, at a mall, in there living room, hell anywhere they wish. Now I believe this is grass roots foosball. But lets face the facts.... Foosers want to play foos they just need have a reason and a place to do it!

Here's the reason I believe we will create some excitement that the game has not seen in a while.

I would like to announce by Feb.15th a Quarter Million Dollar event in Las Vegas. Held sometime in November or December complete with TV coverage.

This event will contain the National Draw your Partner Championship, the National Club Championship and of course the Warrior Professional National Championship.

My reasoning is this.... Lets face the facts.... Not everyone can be a top professional in any sport.... So we you are always going to have to have a reason for the other 99.4 percent of the foosers to show up for a big event.... Thats why the tournaments in the past have been paying out almost as much money for Rookie events as they have Pro... otherwise it would be tough to get people there. Here they will show up for the draw your partner and club championships ( club needs to have some type of handicapping so anyone can win I believe ) The Pro Championship will be just that..

The only requirements will be that the captain of the club.... or the business that sponsors this club has to have purchased a Warrior table, paid a small upfront club fee ( prob a little under 2 hundred, and a small weekly player fee ) I guarantee the best dollar value that foosers have ever gotten for any event in their life.... and if anyone has any doubt in their mind then just talk to anyone who has ever been to any warrior tourney and ask what the payout and fringe benefits have been compared to entry fee and you will not ask that question ever again.

Why do I have confidence in this program??? Well this last year warrior has sold just under 1000 tables.... Maybe 35 of those to existing touring players.... Believe we should be able to sell another 1000 in the next 6 months... these people are looking for a reason to play foosball... might be hard but think back to when you first started playing....

I believe we should be able to create at least 250 clubs out of these NEW foosers... now if this club system is structured correctly I think we could possibly get another 100 out of the existing hard core foosers because this will be the biggest payout their has been since the 2004 Warrior las vegas tournament which paid out over 175k in cash and 75k in prizes ( got almost 50k in entry fees)

Again I will say... there are a thousand things that can be done to build foos thru the grass roots system... Hell a great way would to be just give out 100,000 free tables to all kinds of different places and send in famous actors to run the local tourney's... uh uh just short about 25 million to pull it off... this is an outlined structure where I know I can sustain the inevitable hit I will take, but yet build the player base for the future.

What I am asking for from you guys is input on how to structure the Club format where each club send a 4-6 player team that represents that club, hopefully named after a business that helps sponsor them.

As you can see this is only a general outline... I am looking for help to dot all the I's and create in writing a more precise program to announce by Feb. 15th.

The goal is to create a cost effective program that will get 1500 or more players out to Vegas and impress any sponsors and of course the media.. If we can pull that off then we have a starting point we have not had in decades.

PS.. I promise to start another thread exclusively for negativity ... please keep this one for ways to try and pull this off.

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