Coin Op Tables for Sale by Fooser Widow

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Coin Op Tables for Sale by Fooser Widow
« on: October 07, 2014, 12:06:37 AM »
Ron Ziegler of Cartersville Ga. ( North Atlanta) died from cancer in March of 2014. His widow , Joanne , has  9 - Blue Marble 30th Anniversary , 3 - Blondes and 3 - Cherry tables for sale. All tables are stored on end with legs , bars, men, bearings and coin changers inside of tables. She is desperately needing to sell these. I know the serial numbers, condition, men and playing surfaces are essential to determine the values. I know they are in good shape with only minor imperfections if any. For the sake of discussion lets say they are from 1 - 10, all are 7 or better. Ron took care of these tables. Joanne his wife does not play and needs to sell these. I have a general idea what these are worth. If you can give me any idea of what they are worth today please leave a reply. These tables need to sell within the next month. If you or know anyone who is looking for a table please contact me at . Leave a phone number if you want. Thanks and God Bless. To avoid haggling I would like to use the ballpark prices that anyone can help in determining a value for them that will post here to point back to ?  Please Help

Re: Coin Op Tables for Sale by Fooser Widow
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The below is from BBTunas infamous table comparison thread on this board. He is pretty much on the money (no pun intended) with his review and price estimates. Hope this helps.

Blonde 1997 - 2001 This was the first color change at Valley ... it matched their ZD-7 pool table - $400-$550
consistent all the same, plays much different than the Brown Marble and has become my least favorite of all the tables

Cherry or Mahogany 2001 - 2003 Again this was changed to match the ZD-8 pool table - $450 - $650
Fastest of all the tables and because of this can be a challenge with ball control...

 - I own this table, ball control is difficult but the speed is is improved with heat-treated rods but it doesn't really fix the control issues...however, if you can play on this table, you can play on any table...everything is easier after playing on this which in my mind makes it a good practice table

GREY MARBLES 2003 - 2007 - $400-$750
Overall, even with the quirks and all the confusing talk below about manufacturing changes, this is a really nice table.

30th Anniversary Grey Marble - 2003 release, only out during 2003
You can tell if it is a 30th Ann model because it will say 'Product of Valley' under the logo on the table surface.
This table really starts a wild string of table changes which are hard to document and follow but let me take a stab at it.

The Merkel heat-treated rods were introduced at this my opinion the best table change I have seen on any table at any time - only rival now is the Warrior ball...the rods were very smooth, were almost unbendable, and required far less lube to keep them at their best

Issue 1:  First tables released did not all have Merkel rods, there was a mix...some tables had none, some had some, some had all...this run of tables was fairly short so I don't think there were enough made at the end to be sure when ALL Merkel rods were available
Playing surface was a little different and many liked this table because it created extra control due to the surface change...

Issue 2:   Before this run was done, the man changes began and spilled over to the beginning of the Grey Marble runs...there was an attempt to make a more durable cheaper man using Nylon (Lets call this Nylon 1) (pretty darn ironic since the Tornado man was already super durable)...Nylon set up differently in the molds so it created seam issues on the side of the man which impacted tic tacking and some had dips in the front and/or back of the foot - This first Nylon man was had a dull finish and is easy to pick out on a table,
They didn't give up on Nylon right away and so began Nylon 2 where they tried a different chemistry mix...still very inconsistent mold issues...this man is easy to pick out because it is very shinny ...
Both Nylon men were short-lived but still on the 30th and early Grey Marble to follow, there ended up being tables with some or all of the original man, Nylon 1, and/or Nylon 2 men

Grey Marble - 2004 to end of 2006 beginning 2007
Different playing surface than the 30th
Earliest versions had mix of men but were consistent with Merkel rods but less than a year in they had gone back to the original man and all Merkel rods...this was the best of the Grey Marbles...good playing solid table

Handles went from shape which was well known and long running to wood with deeper dip, then to plastic with less dip, which was soundly rejected and short-lived, back to the original wood less dip

Rod - Part way through the life of this version Tornado dropped Merkel because they thought the rod was too expensive and went with an imported heat-treated rod...still better than the original rod but nothing near as good as the Merkel rods (Merkel is the last name of the person making them...made here in the US just for this application...Warrior is considering this in coming competition models)

Merkel rod side thought:    How good is this rod?  Played on a Brown Marble bar table which saw much non-fooser abuse...every bar table with non-merkel rods is going to have a bent 2 rod, just a matter of time and eventually the 3 rod as well...the owner of this table, without knowing it, replaced the 2 rods with Merkel and we played on that table for OVER 2 YEARS without the 2 rods ever bending...need I say more?
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Re: Coin Op Tables for Sale by Fooser Widow
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Thanks , Come Back Trail .  I think i had found and read this myself, good info on the merkel rods . I think her back is up against the wall so she may be willing to deal on these. If anybody is interested let us know.  God Bless

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This is JoAnn Zeigler (Mystisch) ... I appreciate what everyone is doing in trying to help out. I would like to say though that my back is not (up against the wall) so to speak on selling these tables, I really can't afford to do so, but can find a way put these tables in storage somewhere if need be, but as mentioned, I don't play anymore, and I would like to get these tables sold as soon as possible. The main reason I am selling is that to be honest... I am using up the very last of my savings. There was no life insurance when Ron passed away... I am fighting for "Disabled Widows benefits" but that could take some time. I have the house up for sale as a "fixer upper", (3br/2ba with a 12x18 sunroom), same with a 33' 5th wheel trailer (selling it a s a fixer upper). I have all of his tools, floor installation tools and supplies, I have all of our furniture for sale, everything must go. -- Back to the Foosball tables, as mentioned they are in pretty good condition, if you knew Ron at all you know he tried to take good care of his tables. I don't know what's all there, but there are light kits, black light kits, extra rods, extra men and so on. You'd just have to come out and look and see what you think and make some offers but ... Please be fair as I really am living on the last of my savings right now. I am out of town right now but I will be home next week and you can email me at or leave me a message on my cell phone at: (770) 843-0073
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