TS Quarter-Million Dollar Game Table - Green Top

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TS Quarter-Million Dollar Game Table - Green Top
« on: April 14, 2015, 11:50:45 AM »
I recently picked up this table at an auction.  I though it would be fun for my kids to play with and I have always wanted a table for my "Man Cave."  I started researching everything on foosball and read the history of the TS tables and the quarter-million dollar tables.  Very Cool stuff.  I am no pro, nor would anyone call me "great" at foosball, so I wanted to check with you purists about this table.  I am all about preserving the past and if this table is *rare* or hard to get a hold of, I would rather pass it on to someone else that would appreciate it rather than let my kids abuse it.  Everything seems to be original from the pictures I have seen on other sites.


Here is a picture:


Re: TS Quarter-Million Dollar Game Table - Green Top
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2015, 10:23:04 AM »
Is this table worth restoring?

There are 2 players that need to be replaced and it could probably use new buffers and washers.

Re: TS Quarter-Million Dollar Game Table - Green Top
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2015, 05:40:59 PM »
Men don't cost much, and the buffers and washers you may be able to pickup on Ebay for a reasonable price.
Most of the cost goes into the rods. Those are most likely solid stele and they look rusty. As long as the rods are straight you can remove the rust(tinfoil and water trick) easily and replace the guys with little work and cost.
If the goals are blown out or the box has issues a restore may be not worth the cost. Rods can be $20 or more each so bent ones can be costly too.

Overall if you are looking to restore and sell the table you may get a couple of hundred once the table is clean and tidy, maybe more if you find the right person. If the goal is to have a good table that will handle four large males playing at once on it, well this table can meet that requirement.

As to how "rare" it is, the coin op tables are of more value and are more desirable as they usually have commercial grade quality parts. I see these HOME version tables on occasion in my area and they generally sell for 50 - 100+ depending on condition.

However, there are others that contribute here that have way more knowledge than me and there may be something special about the table that I don't see. Wait for some more responses and see what comes up.

Re: TS Quarter-Million Dollar Game Table - Green Top
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Hey Mattyoak7,

Kmann22 is correct in that the Coin Operated versions of the TS tables are more desirable as they were a little bit heavier and constructed a little better.
That being said your table is a home version or as some call it a practice table, I too see them pop up every now and then in my area anywhere between $50 and $150.
I wouldn't be afraid of letting the kids play on it as 4 grown men could step up to the table and give it a pretty good beating of which it would survive.
I am a collector / restorer of the TS Coin Operated tables and I have come across quite of few parts just by searching C-list and Ebay and by being patient and diligent.
Not quite sure how far you want to take it but you could send me an email and we can discuss as I could probably set you up with the original parts that you need to get the table playable for the kids.