41st Annual NC State Foosball Championsships Oct.2nd-4th

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41st Annual NC State Foosball Championsships Oct.2nd-4th
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We are just a few weeks away from the 41st Annual NC State Foosball Championships. It appears we are going to have an outstanding turnout as players compete for over $2,500.00 in cash and prizes, but more importantly, they will be competing to have their names added to the banners that are displayed annually at this event. The banners hold the names of all the major event winners since 1974 when the NC State Foosball Championships was first held at Choosies Mothers Foosball Parlor in Greensboro, NC, making it the nation’s longest running state foosball championship. Our tournament site, BreakTime Billiards, have been gracious for the past 12 years providing us with a great tournament room and food/beverage service. Once again, we are supporting The Brigade Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington, NC. To date, we have raised over $50,000.00 in donations and provided 8 new foosball tables in the process. The newest table, courtesy of Warrior Table-Soccer, will be placed at Brigades new satellite location in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

There will be a strong contingent of players from the AQBB attending this event which will add to the excitement. Their support over the years has been astounding and we hope to draw a few first-timers this year also. Our local player groups and clubs are applying their finishing touches to 2 events for the remaining calendar year. The Powerkick Team, out of Raleigh, NC, will be hosting an event on November 6th and 7th, followed by the Piedmont Bonzini Foosball Club hosting an event December 4th and 5th.  Stay tuned for more information on those events.

The Player of the Year and the Bonzini U.S.A. Excellence Award will be given away at this event, as well as recognition to the players that have achieved the newly created “Nardoci Cup” award. These are the players that have been able to hold the State Championship title in both Doubles and Singles in the same year which is quite an achievement.

For first time attendees, you can expect a fun filled weekend of foosball tournament action, tips from the experts, assistance from participants and staff. Our players know first and foremost that the event is being held to support the Brigade Boys and Girls Club and that sportsmanship is encouraged over gamesmanship. You will see a group of players that have taken ownership and responsibility to grow the game for future generations. I am extremely proud of our players and sponsors for coming together for this event, festival, celebration, and heritage of our game call foosball.

Bonzini Excellence Award Winners- These individuals were recognized for their valuable work and contribution in establishing a foundation for the game of foosball that reflects the values and respect we have for our sport and mission.

2000   Chad Meadows
2001   Dave Pelny
2002   Rick Paxton
2003   Tyler Tornello
2004   Powerkick Team
2005   Gerard & Veronique Bergaglia, Bonzini France
2006   Jimmy Little
2007   Steve Hebert
2008   Gloria Hiatt-Cribbs
2009   Bobby Brown (Robert O. Brown, Jr.)
2010     Jim Corbett
2011     Bobby Yates
2012     Larry Caulder
2013     Southland Amusements and Vending, Inc.
2014     J.R. Cox and Billy Atkisson

Player of the Year- These players were recognized for their professionalism and talent growth during that year of play.
2003   Jimmy Little
2004   Bruce Nardoci
2005   Tim "Fuji" Alberts
2006   Rick Owens
2007   Jim Parris
2008   Marc Gilbert
2009   Laurent Paquin-Marcotte
2010      Robert Yates, Jr.
2011      Jim Corbett
2012      Rebecca Terry
2013      Robert Yates, Jr.
2014    Tom Wayne Heath

Nardoci Cup- These players were recognized for holding the Open Doubles and Open Singles title in the same calendar year. You will notice that players were allowed to share the Open Singles title with their Open Doubles partner in the same calendar year.

   1974   Bruce Nardoci
   1979   Bruce Nardoci
   1980   Kevin Lashmit
   1982   Bruce Nardoci/Alan Cribbs
   1983   Bruce Nardoci/Alan Cribbs
   1984   Bruce Nardoci
   !986   Kevin Lashmit
   1988   Alan Cribbs
   1989   Bruce Nardoci
   2005   Bruce Nardoci/Rick Owens
   2007   Bruce Nardoci/ Rick Owens
   2010   Bruce Nardoci
   2014   Laurent Paquin-Marcotte

BreakTime Billiards

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to give me a call at the offices of Bonzini U.S.A. Ask for Alan.