Author Topic: T-3000 coin for $1000USD - please help me ask the right questions or find issues  (Read 227 times)

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I attached all the photos from the ad, itís a little weird it doesnít have logos, does that mean anything? And are they easy to put back on as I like the look?

Heís posted the ad a few different times and dropped some stuff from the description, namely some imperfections, and something about the handles being wood and not plastic or something like that.

Not sure if you can tell but he mentioned there are 2 chips in the laminate near the hinges, is that something I could replace easily and low cost?

What do you think? Photos in link below
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Just random thoughts...

- Scoreposts are from the early versions of the icebox tables. They changed back to the wooden counters on more recent tables.

- The lack of logos and insignias also tells me this was an early version of the table.

- Those are plastic handles (which are better than wood IMO)

- Cant tell if the sidestrips are clear or white from the pics. If they are white, this is 100% an early edition icebox table.

- If the light is included and there are no major flaws, $1000 is a decent price. I would prob start at $900 including the light and take whatever he countered with.