TS Green Top Coin Op and Brown Top TS

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TS Green Top Coin Op and Brown Top TS
« on: February 09, 2021, 09:54:37 AM »
hi all, I just picked up a couple of TS tables.
First table is a brown top beat to hell. Men and bars are OK but the table is flaking in a spot and lifting, goals are rough, laminate is flaking off the legs. It is fun to play, love the men, but the top issue is the most concerning. How do I prevent more of the surface from lifting and flaking off? I thought about gluing down what I could and then putting nail poish or some sort of sealant over the problem area. Looking on advice for playfield repair and how to replace or repair laminate on the legs.

Second Table, Green top coin op.
It's in great shape but the corners are lifting. How do I gett those to top down. Thought about some clear tape but don't want to damage the playfield by having it stick to the take. two sided tape underneath maybe?

Bonus question!
I like the men and handles of the Brown top but the condition of the green. How bad would it be to change out the original men on the green top ( and maybe the handles).
thoughyt and thansk for the advice!
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Re: TS Green Top Coin Op and Brown Top TS
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I had a brown top as my first table. Swapping guys is easy, pull the bolts out on all the guys then you can remove the rod. It takes a little effort and wiggling to slide them off. Handles do not have pin or bolts, just a compression fit. When reassembling, I had issues with one of my rods because the hole for the bolt was not drilled on the exact center and as a result the bolt did not go thru the guy perfectly straight and I had to use a longer bolt and squeeze the guy in place with a washer/nut.