Retrofit an 80s Brown Marble: Worth the Time/Money?

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Retrofit an 80s Brown Marble: Worth the Time/Money?
« on: June 24, 2021, 12:59:45 PM »

I'm going to look at this brown marble table this Sunday, and I need your help. Table selling for $250. It looks like all parts of table are original, so there are some quality concerns I have and how much effort will be required to get it into decent playable shape. I go to some local tournaments and am by no means great, but would like to be able to practice well enough that my skills would be transferable on a T3000.

Here are some pictures of the table:

The feedback I've gotten so far is:
    bearings are very old style. not sure if I can even replace these with newer versions or what my options are here. this is my biggest concern in addition to needing new rods
    rods are grimy so must clean; buying new rods would be $300 plus for 8
    men are older, so won't be as clean tictacking
    will need to ensure play surface isn't warped

Please let me know your advice and opinions. Thanks in advance!

Re: Retrofit an 80s Brown Marble: Worth the Time/Money?
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Funny observation, there are 3 newer men on yellow 3-bar, but why is one of them facing the wrong way!  LOL

If cabinet is solid, surface if flat, walls are firm and rods aren't rusted.... then $250 is decent.
If rods need to be replaced that will cost ya an arm and a leg.
FYI this 'old home model' has "lighter/thinner walled rods" than commercial bar tables.
As for the Men/Bumpers/Bearings/Pins.... upgrading a rod at a time based on what you are wanting to WORK ON AT while playing at home could be an option.    If it's you and a buddy working on 3-bar and 2-bar offense then this Tune10 kit is the way to go.  [ ]  (it won't help you with your 5-bar practice, but if it's only you solo practicing on the table then just tune up the yellow side for solo practice)

If rods are BAD, look for a better table with good rods.
If you are wanting to practice both sides and all 8 rods on the home table, maybe wait for a better $600 or so used table!  If $250 for this table + 30 or 110 to tune up 1 to 4 rods helps you achieve your home practice goals - then it's an option!

Hope this helps.
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