In my opinion the Catch is more important then the pass. Think about it, you can catch balls from anywhere, you can only pass the ball when you already have it on your 5-bar. Learning to catch and control the ball can make you a foosball machine.

Our goal in catching is to keep the ball in control under the next rod. Remember the loose ball lesson? We want to use the back of the man to slow the ball only 1 time, think of it as a 'chest trap' in soccer. You wouldn't see a soccer player try to use their chest more then one time on the ball right? You have no control with the chest so you try to get the ball down and use your feet. In foosball you want to use the sides of the man and the toe. So the ball is coming to your rod, does not matter where from but let's say a pass for argument.


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Level of Foosball

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