watch live matches on line for the Superbowl Of foosball Jan. 26 -29, 2006

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At the Superbowl Of Foosball, Lexington, Ky, Jan. 26 - 29, 2006, we will be offering live streaming of all matches played on table number one! This can be watched from any where in the world!
 If you have a family members  or friends that would like to see you play live, then we can schedule at least one of your matches on table one. We will have a request list at the stage. There will be a small online fee for spectators, $tba. They can watch 4 days of some of the best foosball matches ever to be played. Please give this link to everyone that cannot come to the tournament. Tell all your family and friends to be sure to watch the Superbowl Of Foosball Live!

note: the link below will be on line Jan 26 - 29, 2006

Hope you see us live on line, from all around the world!

Mary Moore

Independent Foosball Promotioins

phone: 859-268-8502