09/10 T-3000 Tornado Coin-Op table w light

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09/10 T-3000 Tornado Coin-Op table w light
« on: January 09, 2013, 04:26:37 PM »
I am selling my nearly mint condition 09/10 T-3000 Coin-Op - It has a whole set of new men and new bearings inside along with the regular repair kit that comes with it. I got like 20 balls - no new fuzzy fuzzy's though. lol. I think with the light I have 1450-1550$ in it. I'd like to get a 1k for it but will consider other offers. The rods are not bent at all. The black side has been used like 4 times lol. There is a cracked man on it but that's because I'm too lazy to change it. I don't have the shipping box but I'm sure we can figure out something. Hopefully you will live locally and take it off my hands at maryland states!