I知 working on an all-in-one practical foosball guide, would you be interested?

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Hi guys,

Over the years I have suffered the pain of learning foosball from numerous resources scattered all over the Internet and countless hours of trial-and-error practice. (Later, I have honed my skills by playing in foosball leagues in America and Europe.)

In the last year I致e been working on a practical foosball guide, as an all-in-one resource that eliminates the pain of learning foosball for players of any experience. The guide is very visual, concise, but comprehensive at the same time - unlike most other resources out there.

The guide is still a work in progress. Would you or your friends be interested in or simply like the idea of such a resource? Sign up to my mailing list via my reddit post ( or directly at and find out more! You値l receive updates about progress, content, and foosball tips.


I am interested. More so because I am opening a foosball club and I will give classes to colleage students. Sounds like something I could add to the 5 Fundamentals Of Foosball :)

I will take a look ;)