Why are people using their wrist in snake shots?

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Why are people using their wrist in snake shots?
« on: October 12, 2022, 07:38:40 PM »

I'm wondering, why are many people snaking using their wrist? It seems to be less versatile, easier to predict (people will know that you are gonna snake) and harder to control the lateral movements. Some of my friends (we are just playing for fun) do really efficient and quick snakes (in my opinion) by just starting from the basic position, the hand holding the bar. They are of course not always in contact with the bar during the shot (and they don't even catch the bar at the end as far as I remember) but the bar still does not do more than 360░ as the inertia of the ball is enough to slow down the rod and prevent many turns.

So what is the reason for using the wrist? Is it because when you improve your level you need even more speed and you really need to catch the bar to prevent it to turn too much after the shot?

PS: Personally I prefer to avoid snakes as I don't like this style and find them surprisingly hard to do (at least on a euro-style table) compared to open handed shot that I recently discoveredů but the comparison between shots is already presented here